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New to Highland Park?

HighlandFront Door
  • Highland Park's school day starts at 9:15am.  Students should arrive no earlier than 8:45, and doors open at 8:55.
  • School ends at 3:50pm.
  • Around 850 students are predicted to attend HPMS next school year.
  • Grades have separate lunch schedules and locker halls.
  • Core classes have around 28 students per class currently.
  • Currently, HPMS has a 8 period day, with every class meeting daily.  Most students take: PE/Health, Math, Science, Writing, Humanities, and an elective. Students in AVID, ELL, or SPED may have an associated class in place of an elective.
  • Elective options currently include band, drama, Spanish, art, and coding.  Band is a year-long course, while the others meet for one semester, so students take two over the course of the year.
  • Advisory (Previously called Homeroom) currently meets twice per week on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Advisory topics include cyber safety, school behavior agreements, organization, team building, and STEAM.
  • HPMS runs on a semester system.
  • We currently have two counselors, Anna Phou and Marilee Carey, to assist in student social and emotional needs.
  • Schedule, class offerings, and class size are subject to change each year based on budget.
HPMS is both STEAM and AVID
  • HPMS is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) School.  All students receive AVID strategies in their classes which include an emphasis on Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading.
  • HPMS is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) School.  All students participate in a grade-level STEAM project with an in-depth, cross-curricular look into an area of interest.  This year, 6th grade, students select their area of interest to go through the design process with and develop a final product to share at our annual STEAM night.
  • Every student in 6th grade will receive a school-provided Chromebook during the first 2 weeks of school.  Chromebook insurance is required to be purchased through the school.  We highly recommend students not have access to their Chromebooks at home after 10:00 pm, that they use them in an open space in the home, and that parents monitor their usage.  We teach internet safety at school, and if we work together we can keep our students safe. Please help by ensuring Chromebooks get a full charge every night as we have limited chargers at school.
  • As an AVID school, every student needs a 3" binder - zipper binders are allowed as long as they are at least 3" or bigger, to help stay organized.
  • Please ensure your student has pencils, sticky notes, colored pencils, and glue all year long.
  • 6th grade students will all be provided a school planner.
  • PE t-shirts will need to be purchased during the first weeks of school, cost is around $5.
  • All students will get an assigned locker, typically on the first day of school.  Students share a locker with one other person.
Communication at HPMS

Almost all of HP communication will be sent electronically, so be sure your emails are updated within Parentvue.  Every week the Principal sends out an update.  Our PTO meets monthly, usually on the first Wednesday at 9:10 am in our library.  Teachers communicate out via email, webpages, and through Canvas.

First day of school

The first day of school is 6th grade only and students only need to bring a lunch.  Raider Crew leaders (8th grade leadership group) are assigned to small groups of 6th graders and lead them through ice breakers and other fun activities.  Students will run through all of their classes and meet all of their teachers.  Lockers are assigned during the first day to provide time for 6th grade students to learn their combinations and practice.

Outdoor school

All of our 6th grade students have the opportunity to attend Outdoor School at no cost. We attend Outdoor School for 4 days.  The days and location will be determined in the spring.  This is a great team-building opportunity, students have a lot of fun and for many this defines their MS experience!

We have an amazing band program

The band program at Highland Park has enjoyed a long-standing tradition of excellence, with students able to participate in concert, marching and jazz ensembles, performing across the state of Oregon. There are no after-school commitments for 6th graders in band, save three concerts we put on for parents during the course of the year. Students do not need to know how to read music or have their own instrument to be able to join band in 6th grade; band also works in the schedule for students involved in AVID! If you would like to forecast your child into band, just call Highland Park to speak to a counselor.

There is no cost to participate in band, and we will also provide an instrument free of charge if needed.  This is a great opportunity for all students!

Parent Resources

Canvas is BSD's online learning management system, used by many (but not all) teachers.  Parentvue will give you grades and general overview. Canvas for Parents is an optional window into daily details of class, while Parentvue is used for attendance and grades.  Classes on both Canvas and Parentvue for parents will be offered in the fall.

Volunteering at HPMS

Volunteering in a middle school might look a bit different, but it is just as valuable and needed as anything in your elementary school.  Opportunities tend to be more school and grade wide, such as:

  • AVID tutors - we LOVE having our parents volunteer in our AVID classrooms!
  • Field trip chaperones
  • Event management (school socials, Fun Run, Career Day)
  • Library
  • OBOB
  • Book Fair
  • Lunch supervision
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Art Literacy

Yes, there are some opportunities directly within a classroom, but those are not as common.

Volunteers must be background checked through the mVP system and wear a visitor badge.  Parents please contact the Front Office in order to move your profile from your elementary school to HP. Parents are not automatically moved into the HP volunteer database.

Other Questions
Does my student's lunch account move over automatically?

Yes, it does.  It is connected to your child's student ID.  However, in middle school, students have the option of buying a la carte items, which means cookies, switch sparkling drink, fruit snacks, and popsicles are now available.    Online payments and purchase history are all available at

When do we find out our bus route?

That info is made available a week or so before school begins and is sent via email from the BSD transportation department.

Does HP have after school clubs?

Yes.  HP's after school clubs usually begin in October and run through mid-May.   There are various clubs including Games, Soccer, GSA, Drawing, and homework help.  Clubs vary year to year based on student interest.  We also have an active Cross Country team through THPRD.  See flier for more information about this great opportunity to get physically fit and involved!

What's Next?

Students will indicate their desired electives in the spring through their current 5th grade classes.