******YANA club is moved from Tuesday (Dec 10) to Thursday (Dec 12) this week.*******

Join us at Highland Park Middle School for a FREE meal after your school day.  Meals will be served in the cafeteria from 3:50 -4:10, Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.  After school meals are served at no charge to all students by BSD Nutrition Services.  You do not have to be enrolled in a club or activity in order to receive a meal.  No application or registration is needed.  Meals need to be eaten in the cafeteria unless they are taken directly to a club or activity room.

Dining for Dollars Fundraiser at Panda Express Dec 11th from 10am to 11pm

Dine at the Beaverton Panda Express on Nimbus and Hall on Wednesday, Dec 11th and they will donate 20% of the proceeds to the HPMS PTO! You will need to bring this flyer or use the code for online ordering to donate.

Dramatics Club Scene Night Dec 19th from 6pm to 8pm

Come enjoy the HPMS Dramatics Club performing 10 short scenes with about 20 kids participating.  The doors open at 6 pm and the show starts at 6:30 and runs to about 8 pm.  Admission is free to everyone. 


Important Health Information for Parents Regarding the Candy, Smarties

Recently, we have experienced an unsafe, new trend among our middle school students — smoking or snorting the candy, Smarties. Our research has taught us this phenomenon is happening across the country and is the subject of many You-Tube videos. Students are also using the candy Pixie Stix in the same manner.

The “benefit” for students engaging in this practice is unknown. However, the risks, associated with inhaling Smarties smoke or snorting Smarties, are many and include:

o   Cuts — if the Smarties have not been finely crushed, pieces may act like razor blades cutting the tissue with which they come in contact.

o   Infection — sugar residue may remain in the nasal cavity, sinuses and/or lungs. This residue may lead to infections, cough, wheezing, and possible respiratory arrest.

o   Scarring of the nasal cavity — anything snorted can lead to scarring of the nasal passages. Also if a piece of the Smartie becomes lodged in the nasal cavity it may need to be removed by a specialist.

o   Irritation of the lungs — smoking or snorting Smarties can lead to a smoker’s cough which can cause laryngospasms causing the voice box to spasm or close.

o   Allergic reaction — if the child is allergic to sugar snorting or smoking Smarties can lead to an immediate allergic reaction which untreated may lead to respiratory arrest and death.

o   Possible Maggots — Dr. Oren Friedman, a Mayo Clinic nose specialist, has cautioned that frequent snorting could even rarely lead to maggots feeding on the sugary dust wedged inside the nose.

o   Precursor to future cigarette smoking and drug use — although there is no addictive piece to Smarties, the concern is this behavior will lead to cigarette smoking or snorting of drugs.


Auditions for Highland Park’s spring musical are coming up soon.  The musical “Music Man” is a classic musical that has actors playing teenagers and adults. Open auditions are December 9th, OR 10th OR 12th after school in the cafeteria until 5:15. Come prepared to sing and dance with a group.  All grades welcome and no experience is necessary.  You do NOT need to have been in drama class to participate.  For more information, and to read about the characters, see the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria restrooms OR see Ms. Kuechle A-9 and Ms. Croswell. If you are interested in participating as stage crew, please look for announcements in February about those opportunities.


​After School Clubs start on November 4th and run until December 12th from 3:55 - 4:55 p.m.  See the stacker for a list of clubs and form to sign up, or check our website link for further information.


College and Career day planning is under way.  This is a great opportunity for our students to learn more about colleges and careers!  We need guest speakers in order to make this happen. Please see this flier for further information. (En español)


Want to show your HP Spirit by wearing the latest in HP fashion?  Check out our online shop for gear. Proceeds benefit HPMS Student Leadership group:



(9:15am-10:15am) PTO meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Library.  All families are welcome to attend.


Upcoming Dates:

11         Dining for Dollars: Panda Express (SW Hall & Nimbus) 10am - 11pm

16-20    Winter Spirit Week

23–1/5  School Closed: Winter Break


Chromebook Information:
The Beaverton School District is fortunate to be able to provide Chromebooks to all secondary students. At the beginning of each school year, each student is automatically enrolled in the District's Chromebook Damage / Loss Program and charged a $20 fee. Students who are eligible for free and reduced meals will have the fee waived and removed from their account. In order to be covered by the Chromebook Damage / Loss Program, the $20 fee must have been paid or waived.
On October 18, 2019, any Chromebook Damage / Loss fees that haven't been paid will be removed from student accounts. Students who have checked out a Chromebook but have not paid the Damage / Loss fee or have had the fee waived will not be covered by the program. Students not covered by the program will be fully responsible for any damage or loss of their assigned Chromebook.

For more information about the BSD Chromebook program, please visit:


BSD Announcements:
Middle School Boundary Adjustment:

Thanks to all of you who attended the Middle School Boundary Meeting at Stoller on November 5 and Conestoga MS on November 21. Attendees from the community were engaged in a table task to define communities and suggest a boundary for Stoller that would reduce enrollment to 90% of capacity, suggest a boundaries.  HPMS is hosting on 1/16/20. Families are welcome to attend any sessions.

For more information, visit: