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Here's a message from Principal Semana that has some important info on the upcoming school year!



Southridge youth basketball is designed to: provide opportunities for fundamental improvement, provide an atmosphere where players learn how to be successful, provide a competitive environment that allows players to grow, and to build relationships between the high school program and our younger players. Our program does not focus solely on basketball.  Players must be passing all of their classes to play.  Coaches will check report cards/progress reports on a regular basis and emphasize the importance of academics.

Youth Basketball Goals

#1. Player Development- Coaches must give the players the tools to improve and grow as players.   Fundamentals are acquired through repetition.  Daily fundamental work is essential and the only way for players to improve.

 #2. Teach players what it means to be successful- players need to learn the attributes that can make them successful.  Coaches need to use basketball as a vehicle to teach players how to: give their best effort, be disciplined, have great work ethic, be coachable, be accountable, be a good teammate, choose the right attitude, and deal with adversity (failing forward).

 #3. Build a winning tradition- winning is a byproduct of achieving goals #1 & #2.  The focus is on developing players and teaching them how to give their best effort (in everything they do).   


All try-outs are at Southridge High School. No cost to try-out, minimal cost to play. Registration is on our website or at the door.  Try-outs are for 5th–8thgrade players who are in the Southridge boundary.  3rd & 4th graders looking for a team to play on should contact NeJuan Thompson. 

2018 Metro League Champs- 11 players played Jr Metro
5th grade

Oct. 20th 6-7:30pm

Oct. 24th 1-2:30pm

6th grade

Oct. 21st 6-7:30pm

Oct. 24th 1-2:30pm

7th grade

Oct. 20th 7:30-9pm

Oct. 24th 3-4:30pm

8th grade

Oct. 21st 7:30-9pm

Oct. 24th 3-4:30pm


Need a Helping Hand? 

Highland Park is here for you!  Please visit our Helping Hands page to learn more!

¿Necesitas una mano amiga?

¡Highland Park está aquí para ti! ¡Visite nuestra página de Manos que ayudan para obtener más información!

Some important info on schedule and Chromebooks.  Read this!



Highland Park takes the health and safety of our students, staff, and their families very seriously.  In these difficult times, Student Counselor Mr. Polzin has compiled a list that you can find with this link to valuable resources that are both BSD related and HP-specific to help you reference what you need quickly.


BSD Message re: Coronavirus


At HPMS, we had several students recently ask about Coronavirus.  The resource below was shared with me, and it does a good job of explaining Coronavirus in a student-friendly manner.  If you are looking for a resource to guide conversations with your student about Coronavirus at home, this is worth checking out:




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Chromebook Information:
The Beaverton School District is fortunate to be able to provide Chromebooks to all secondary students. At the beginning of each school year, each student is automatically enrolled in the District's Chromebook Damage / Loss Program and charged a $20 fee. Students who are eligible for free and reduced meals will have the fee waived and removed from their account. In order to be covered by the Chromebook Damage / Loss Program, the $20 fee must have been paid or waived.
For more information about the BSD Chromebook program, please visit: